Wild projection

A creative and spectacular technique for anchoring your universe in an urban culture. The street as a source of inspiration and as a meeting point with its audience.


Wild projection is a digital wild display. With high-performance long-range equipment, we project content at nightfall on urban media such as building facades. The content can be film, images or a logo. A communication channel offering spectacular and impressive visibility.

Expertise of the agency

Sauvage111 is a creative agency that has put its urban expertise at the service of an innovative new media that is wild projection. We have developed a tailor-made technical equipment integrated to a pick-up truck in order to offer high definition broadcasts with great mobility. We deploy wild projections in major cities United States (New York, Los Angeles, Miami...) and in Europe (Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam...).

Campaign roll-out

Sauvage111 deploys turnkey and customizable wild projections. Based on the brand's objectives and targets, our street marketing specialists build tailor-made recommendations by proposing adapted broadcasting locations. We advice on the creation of the content, on the locations and length of broadcasting, and of course on the operational part.

The cities

Sauvage111 offers wild projection campaigns around the world. Local experts in each city to spread the campaigns with maximum visibility.

We are running campaigns in all major United States cities , New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago. And the big cities of Europe, Paris, London, Milan, Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona.

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