Wild posting

Where the urban landscape becomes a media. Wild posting allows to position your brand and products in an alternative approach adapted to your visibility goals. The street as an inspiration and a meeting point with your target audience.

Definition of wild posting

Wild posting is a street marketing trend. Wild posting consists of gluing posters on non-regulated displays. A communication means that offers a high and modern visibility to a realistic generation.

Expertise of the agency

Sauvage111 is a creative agency that has always placed wild posting at the core of its business. In line with new urban cultures, we use wild posting to enhance visibility goals in a differentiation strategy: developing brand awareness, urban presence during Fashion Week shows, product launches, concert promotion… This means of communication now exceeds its initial music niche and has spread to fashion, luxury, leather goods, press, start-ups, hotels, fooding… We roll-out wild posting campaigns in all big cities in US and Europe.

Campaign roll-out

Sauvage111 offers turnkey and customizable campaigns. Our street marketing specialists will recommended roll-out strategies focused on your targets. We take care of printing, implementation and provide an end of campaign report. As a bonus, we will provide you photos for your digital content.

The cities

Sauvage111 offers wild posting campaigns around the world. Local experts in each city to spread the campaigns with maximum visibility.

We are running campaigns in all major United States cities , New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago. And the big cities of Europe, Paris, London, Milan, Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona.

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