Street experience

Meet your target audience during exceptional events. Sauvage111 rolls out street experience operations aligned with your objectives, to create a unique experience that your clients won’t forget.

Definition of street experience

More than a simple street advertising stunt, a street experience allows you to interact with your audience by immersing them in your brand universe. Whether scripted or not, the event can go from product sampling to creative experiences: demonstrations, initiations, raising awareness, games… This «guerrilla marketing» orientated campaign is deployed in public areas, and sometimes all over France through a customized roadshow.

Provoke emotions around a set-up that reveals your brand identity: stands, mobile displays, customized vehicles, video projections… the street experience is a highly impactful vector, ideal for a product launch or a boost in visibility.

Suscitez l'émotion autour d'un dispositif reflétant l'identité de votre marque : stand, dispositif ambulant, véhicules personnalisés, projections vidéo... La street experience est un vecteur de visibilité très impactant, idéal pour un lancement de produit ou un accroissement de visibilité.

Expertise of the agency

We provide you with a team of confirmed street marketers, experts in guerrilla marketing. Tailor-made brand experience campaigns to interact with your target audience.
Our brand experiences could be urban video projections, roadshows, revealing of new collections, happenings, culinary discoveries…

Campaign roll-out

We take on the design of your street experience campaign by choosing the most appropriate means of communication and the best public places to focus on. We manage all production, manufacturing and implementation for the event. At the end of the campaign, we deliver a report, photos and videos for your digital content.

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