Free posting

With free posting, increase the visibility of your event in regulated areas via display panels and our local businesses network (shops, bakeries, dry cleaners…)

Definition of free posting

Free posting consists of communicating on authorized display boards, made available by the city council and local businesses of our network. In balance with free speech, it allows you to get exposure in a secure setting, in urban or rural districts. This means of communication will boost your visibility towards a wide and varied audience and will catch their attention in their daily surroundings.

Expertise of the agency

Sauvage111 is your street marketing expert. Topped up on street culture, our campaigns will allow you to reach a diverse audience. We rely on a community of 250 local businesses to roll-out your poster campaign in Paris.

Roll-out of a free posting campaign

We will support you in management of your poster campaign, from graphic design to strategic recommendations. We will take care of printing, distribution of posters, an end of campaign report as well as photos for your digital content.

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