Clean tag

Derived from street art, its created with a stencil and karcher applied to the ground. Clean tag is an alternative and eco-friendly means of communication.

Definition of clean tag

Clean tag consists of marking roads by using a stencil and a high-pressure jet, that leaves the ground cleaner. This eco-friendly street marketing technique will provide temporary visibility to your message, transforming walls and pavements into communication displays. Naturally blending into the environment, it allows you to get closer to your urban target audience.

Expertise of the agency

Sauvage111 is a creative agency very much in line with urban cultures. We offer highly targeted clean tag campaigns for more exposure. We make clean tag accessible to all brands and for all events: opening of a new boutique, product launch, urban signage, brand awareness growth.

Roll-out of your clean tag campaign in Paris

Sauvage111 will take charge of your clean tag campaign from design to implementation.
Thanks to our street marketing expertise, we recommend the most adapted publics areas in which to broadcast your message. We create the design of the stencil and take care of the tagging. The pavement markings last around a week. After each operation, we provide you with photos for your digital content.

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