Bus road show

Experts in urban media, bus campaigns offer a strong visibility going directly to its audience.


Bus campaigns in two offers:
- Roadshow bus in total covering: one or more buses are privatized and entirely dedicated to the brand in order to offer a very targeted visibility on a strategic route. The interiors of the buses can be organized as a pop-up store, a tasting venue, a sample distribution... Also, it is possible to opt for electric buses.

- Tourist bus networks: buying advertising space on the buses. We offer media buying on the Big Bus, Open Tour, Foxity networks...

Expertise of the agency

Sauvage111 is a creative agency that has put its urban expertise at the service of advertising bus campaigns. The production and installation of the bus wraps is carried out by us.

According to the objectives and the target of the brand, our street marketing experts provide recommendations on an optimized and tailor-made itinerary allowing a local presence on strategic sites or events.

Campaign roll-out

Sauvage111 deploys turnkey and customizable bus campaigns. Based on the brand's objectives and targets, our street marketing specialists build tailor-made recommendations by proposing adapted broadcasting itineraries. We provide advice on the production of the content, on the place and time of broadcast and on the operational part.

The cities

Sauvage111 offers road shows campaigns around the world. Local experts in each city to spread the campaigns with maximum visibility.

We are running campaigns in all major European cities , Paris, London, Milan, Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona. And the big cities of the United States, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

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